Maryland DC Vending Association

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Serving the vending,

OCS, and food service management industry in maryland and washington d.c.

 Leaders of the vending industry

The MD-DC Vending Association was formed in January of 1961 as an affiliated state council of the National Automatic Merchandising Association.Membership includes over 50 operator, supplier,  broker and distributor companies. Several opportunities each year, including a Fall membership meeting and a Spring Annual Meeting, provide a chance for members to share tricks of the trade and to learn about new products and services.  As members of the state vending association you will exchange ideas and work together to make the industry better for everyone involved.

Why You Should Join Your State Vending Association:

Everything that affects vending in your state affects your business as a vending operator or supplier. Membership in your state vending association helps support local efforts to keep you and your fellow industry members informed on the issues which affect your bottom line.Your participation helps to give your state vending association a strong presence and voice when confronting legislative and regulatory issues affecting the vending industry. Remember, a united effort has greater impact than one individual voice.The MD-DC Vending Association achieved significant sales tax relief for the industry in the 1990’s by exempting many snack items from sales tax.This results in thousands of dollars of savings annually to each operating company.